Five Categories of the
SGB Certification

I. Reducing Waste

II. Product Selection

III. Energy Efficiency

IV. Water Conservation and Landscaping

V. Clean Air, Transportation, Community & Environment

To Qualify as a Sustainably Green Brewery, a brewery must:

  1. Implement, at minimum, 70% of the checklist

  2. Implement one measure from each of the five main categories of the SGB checklist


Why the Sustainably Green Brewery Certification?


Industry specific

The Sustainably Green Brewery Certification is designed specifically around the operations of breweries and is focused on increasing efficiency, reducing energy, resource consumption and creating positive brand image.


efficiency = cost savings

Energy and resource efficiency help create more successful businesses.  Energy and resource efficient businesses save money due to lower operational costs, freeing up money for other areas of your budget.


Industry standard

The Sustainably Green Brewery certification provides an industry standard by which other breweries can be measured.  Being a SGB not only saves your business money through reduced operational costs, but also creates a positive brand image for your customers by showing your commitment to both the environment and local communies.